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This site is meant to serve as an easily-accessible resource for locating pertinent and revealing quotations from the people & resources promoted by the now-defunct Vision Forum.



Who runs this site?

I’m choosing to remain anonymous for the moment due to personal reasons.

For those who are curious, I am not anyone who is famous or well-known in homeschool or fundie or other groups. I did grow up in Vision Forum circles and personally knew/interacted with multiple people featured on this site, but the only folks who would recognize my name are those who I know in-person.

Why Now?

Mainly because someone let his website domain expire and it was available to purchase.

But also because I have personally seen and experienced myself and other homeschool alumni being told that the teachings we grew up with weren’t actually as extreme as we remember them being.

Why do you care?

The teachings and philosophy featured on this site directly impacted my life for many years. During my youth, I personally did my best to adhere to the instructions and advice promoted by Vision Forum, Above Rubies, No Greater Joy, HSLDA, and similar organizations. I parroted the same narratives and ideas as a teen, and fully embraced the culture and worldview that was promoted by their teachings.

As a result, I have seen and experienced firsthand how these teachings ruin lives and enable abuse. To this day, I am still working to undue the consequences of this ideology from my own life, and I still have family members and friends who continue to subscribe to these beliefs.

How do you choose who is featured on this site?

At this time, this site is focusing on individuals who were given a platform by to author books, speak at conferences, or Vision Forum.

People who were minors during a significant portion of their involvement in Vision Forum, and who have since retracted their former opinions and/or expressed regret over their participation or promotion of Vision Forum are generally exempted from this site.

Others may be absent from the site due to my own inability to reliably source quotes from them.

Those who were not minors during their time with Vision Forum but have since retracted their former opinions and/or expressed regret will generally still be included on the site. However, their apologies, retractions, or other similar quotes showing a change of heart will also be included as long as I am aware of them.

In the future (if time permits) I may expand this site beyond the scope of Vision Forum and include other homeschool organizations promoting similar beliefs. At the current moment, however, it is limited solely to Vision Forum.

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