Who are Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin?

A collection of their writings & sayings

Advice for Daughters

Note: Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin typically co-author their books & articles together and do not seperate or attribute any specific segments of their writings. As such, all quotes in their co-written articles & books are credited here to both sisters.

Screenshot from the 2008 Vision Forum Catalog

On Parental Authority:

“The command to obey our parents in Ephesians 6:1 doesn’t mention an age limit. (The Greek word here for ‘children’ means ‘offspring,’ ‘daughter,’ ‘son’ – not ‘little grass-stained kid with sticky fingers and a milk mustache.’) And biblically, a parent’s authority over a daughter doesn’t expire until her wedding day (when she is given to her husband).”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 147

On Daddy Issues:

“A father can meet many of his daughter’s natural desires for masculine love and companionship by giving his daughter the proper kinds of attention and affection. A daughter who has such a strong, loving relationship with her father will be far less likely to become entangled with young men.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, pages 218-219

On Being Worthy of Protection:

“Before you can accuse your father of being unprotective, ask yourself: do you make it clear to him that you are a woman of virtue, worthy of his special protection? If your behavior was more gentle, feminine, respectful and lovely, would he be more inclined to feel protective of you?”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 55

On Fathers Being Worthy of Admiration:

“When you speak to him, instead of criticizing and nagging him for his faults, you should tell him how much you admire his strengths. For example, if your father was the slowest, laziest man on earth, perhaps he’s slow about getting angry. There’s an asset! You could appreciate him and thank him for not getting mad and impatient with you.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 52

On Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios:

But what if I can’t get married? What if I can’t have children? What if my husband dies and I have to support myself? What if my father refuses to protect and provide for me? Surely I don’t have time to train myself for marriage. Isn’t it wiser to train myself for a worst-case scenario?

“We live in a cynical society that anticipates decline, decay and defeat. In God’s order, for the Christian woman, there is no circumstance where a widow or abandoned woman is forced to support herself. The reason this question is often asked is because fathers and churches and other responsible parties are not being responsible.

“The role of the Proverbs 31 wife and mother is not a role that can be ‘slipped into’ easily. In fact, to do it really well takes a lifetime of training. What are our priorities? Learning to ‘survive’ can teach girls attitudes of independence, hardness, authoritativeness, cynicism. Can this be wise or godly if it damages our ability to become Proverbs 31 women?

“We should be bending all of our energies toward making God’s ideal a reality in our lives, pursuing the best-case scenario with all our might. Settling for the status quo will not help pull our society up out of the mire, but choosing the better course can.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, Page 160

On Being Under Authority:

“According to the laws of the vows in Numbers 30, an unmarried girl is under the authority of her father, just as a wife is under the authority of her husband.

“In addition to being able, as we mentioned earlier, to annul his daughter’s vow, a father has the authority to guide his daughter concerning marriage (1 Corinthians 7:36-38). God has placed our fathers in a position of authority over us, and to disobey them is to disobey God, unless the two come in direct conflict with one another.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 34

On Being “Rebellious”:

“…We are to be dependent on the guidance and leadership of the authorities God places over us. A rebellious, defiant personality is not cute. It’s abominable to God.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 77-78

On Belittling Parents:

“Setting light by your father or mother means mocking or making fun of them. It may seem innocent enough, but God places it on par with idol-making. To make fun of our parents invites the curse of God, and invokes His judgments on the rest of our lives. In short, if you belittle your parents, you are asking God to make your life miserable.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 191

On Compelling Men via Submission:

“In many cases, even the most stubborn men, when they observe their wives submitting humbly to them, will feel ashamed and repentant, and their consciences will compel them to submit again to God. A woman, even without speaking a word, can have such an effect on her husband simply through her submissive femininity as to encourage repentance! Can this principle work in the same way between fathers and daughters? We have personally seen daughters who have had this effect on their fathers simply by demonstrating chaste and respectful behavior. We’re not prepared to stay their is a precise Scriptural parallel and that fathers can be ‘won’, but we have certainly seen fathers be strongly influenced.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 52-53

On Tangled’s Rapunzel:

“We’ve got good news for you: You, Rapunzel, imaginary creature though you are, are not ultimately under the lordship of Disney Studios, but of Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 commands all men to ‘take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ’ – which means every imagination, every script page, and every film frame. Christ demands that every man’s mind and the stuff in it bow the knee, and that would include you. And His moral system – His law – is still the standard by which your moral system must be measured. In other words, stabbing your mother would be wrong, not because it’s not the sort of thing a nice girl with a dream would do, not because it would be politically incorrect, not because it would disturb children – but because it breaks one of His commandments (Ex. 20:13). And that’s why, even though you’re a fairy tale creature, we’re going to respond to you as though you were a real person….

“Some protest that you were justified in breaking the 5th commandment because she wasn’t really your mother, but let’s be honest: You didn’t leave because you knew that. You didn’t leave because you knew your mother’s command was biblically unlawful. You didn’t leave because you thought it would be wrong to stay and submit to the unbiblical tyranny of a kidnapping sorceress. You left because there was something you really wanted to do, the authority over you forbade it, and you decided to do what you wanted to do it anyway. You actually believed, and said, that it would be wrong for you to go. In your mind, you were as guilty of rebellion as the girl whose parents forbid her to go to a wild party and who sneaks out to go anyway: You left because you didn’t care.

“We’re truly sorry that the filmmakers gave you such a loathsome creature as a mother. But if it’s wrong for her to be a law unto herself, you need to hold yourself to the same standard. ‘For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.‘ (1 Sam. 15:23)”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

On Christian Women Leaving the Home:

“The weight of biblical passages seem to strongly indicate that the home is the woman’s domain. Why should this be true only for married women? Proverbs 7:11 describes one of the wiles of the harlot: ‘She is boisterous and rebellious, her feet do not remain at home.’ This description could match many of the Christian girls we know. They would be outraged and insulted to be likened to harlots, but they are unwittingly acting like them. The godly woman loves to be in her home.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 173

Screenshot from the 2007 Vision Forum Catalog

On “Quality Girl Time”:

“Once upon a time, in a nice Christian community named ‘Peace,’ a bunch of average church-going tweenaged girls began meeting in a kitchen for some ‘quality girl time,’ to enjoy space away from their parents, speculate about their future husbands, and complain about other people in the community. Once their collective imaginations were fanned into hysteria, their meddlings set the community on fire. By the year’s end, 150 innocent people had been imprisoned, and 20 had been hanged or pressed to death for witchcraft. What this typical girl-talk had turned into was the Salem Witch Trials.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 179

On Dinah:

“Throughout the whole Bible we see examples of young women who lived at home under their fathers’ protection until they were given in marriage. One example of a daughter who left home to seek friends outside the covenant community is Dinah, who is interestingly called ‘the daughter of Leah’ instead of the daughter of Jacob. Look her up in Genesis 34 and see what a mess she made for herself, her family, and the entire neighboring kingdom.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 172

On Spiritual Insanity & Lesbians:

“We’ve watched girls that we used to consider sensible and godly – girls from very conservative Christian families – make incredibly irrational decisions leading to huge mistakes. And not the ‘little white’ slip-ups of spiritual weakness; these were more like the outrageous acts of spiritual insanity. Like marrying criminals, running away to live with men they’ve never met except online, getting pregnant out-of-wedlock, chasing married men, marrying men who were already secretly married, or becoming lesbians. Obviously, there were bigger underlying problems here than a lack of honor for parents. But in every one of these girls’ cases, their blindly desperate behavior went hand-in-hand with a conscious decision to scorn and defy their parents’ opinions and rules. It’s been heartbreaking to see some of these friends finally coming out of their spiritual psychosis – but unable now to escape the consequences of their sin.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 141

Modesty, Courtship, Purity & Predators

Screenshot from a 2012 Vision Forum promotional email
(images are broken due to the fact that the screenshot was taken in 2023)

On Tempting Men to Sin:

“Adultery is a serious sin, and tempting men to commit a serious sin is seriously wrong. Yes, men are responsible for keeping their own thoughts pure. But when we do our brothers harm by tempting them to sin, we are sinning against them and against God.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 83

On Being a Stumbling Block:

“This is one of the fundamental themes of this book: When we lead men astray, they bear the responsibility for their own sins – but we bear the guilt of being the block that caused them to stumble.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 23

On Judging People’s Appearances:

“Looking around us on the street, we can see girls of all shapes and sizes and social backgrounds and beliefs. Nearly all of them have one thing in common: they are hardly wearing any clothing. Like all clothing, the clothes that we don’t see these girls wearing make a very obvious statement: I am a shameless hussy…I am not worth much…I just want to get attention…I live for myself…I need to be noticed…I need to look like everyone else.

“We need our own messages to declare exactly the opposite–I am loved, I am cherished, I am protected, I am a woman of virtue, I am submitted to God, I am part of a civilized society, I am worth more than rubies, there is a part of me that is not to be stared at by strangers belongs to my future husband.

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 81

Photo of the cover of “So Much More”

On Toddlers:

“Girls almost seem to come out of the womb with an awareness of boys, marriage, and romance. If you don’t believe us, then you’ve never overheard two females just out of potty-training confiding each other’s secret matrimonial plans to each other.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 16

On Little Girls Being “Skillful Flirts”:

“The inborn desire to win attention from men can start to show itself at an amazingly early age. Some of the most accomplished and skillful flirts we’ve ever seen in action were little girls. We’ve watched them work an entire circle of boys at once, playing favorites, making eyes, coquetting, admiring, dismissing, adjusting ties, and making the occasional proposal of marriage – and they haven’t been taught it by anyone. It’s one of those things that is too mysterious for us, one of those things that we do not understand – the way of a maid with a man.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 94

On Dealing with Predators:

“…If our only enemy was the sin of other people, that would make dealing with predators far easier than it is in reality. The reality is, we all have a traitorous sin nature which can sometimes be all too willing to welcome a predator at the gate, enjoy being the occasion for his sin, hanker for the ‘compliment’ of his attention and the gratification of his affection, push us towards him for more, and keep us from tearing away. Not that this makes a predator less culpable if he takes advantage of this, or makes anything he does ‘our fault’ or something that we ‘deserved’ (as we explained in Article 1) – but a predator will definitely see vulnerabilities like this as a golden opportunity, and make the most of it….

“In any situation involving a predator, we’re up against not one sin nature, but two – the predator’s, and our own. 2 Peter 2:14 and 2 Timothy 3:2-7 describe men who are manipulators, liars, flatterers, extortionists, opportunists, and false teachers (men who use persuasion rather than physical force to subdue victims). But these verses (as well as Ephesians 4:14) also describe the sort of victims who are vulnerable to being ‘beguiled,’ ‘led captive,’ and ‘tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning and craftiness in deceitful schemes’: It says they are ‘weak women laden with sins, led away with diverse lusts, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth,’ ‘unstable souls,’ and ‘like children.’ In other words, whether or not we could be led captive by men like this hangs on whether we are ‘weak’; laden down or ‘piled up’ with sins; led around by longings and lusts of various kinds; and in spite of going here and there for answers, not being solidly grounded in the truth….

“If we’re using music, movies, or novels, to sow to inappropriate fantasies, misplaced longings, or emotional roller-coasters, we must not expect to reap purity, clear-mindedness, emotional self-control, and a strong grip on reality. If we’re sowing to moral confusion by sympathizing with people in those movies, music, or novels doing things we know are wrong, we must not expect to reap moral clarity and resolve in the times when we need it most. If we’re sowing to an affection for the wrong things in men, we must not expect to be more drawn to godliness and holiness than good looks, rakish charm, and edgy humor. And if we’re sowing thoughts and actions from our natural desire for men to notice us, like us, want us… we must not expect to respond really selflessly, righteously, and uncompromisingly when one does. Because God’s laws of sowing and reaping don’t work that way.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

Photo of the back cover of “So Much More” featuring endorsements from Jennie Chancey, R.C. Sproul Jr., and Stacy McDonald

On “Sulking” About Assault:

“Some girls who read this have had their physical purity compromised, either by their own foolishness or against their will. Our corrupt and predatory culture is a very unsafe place for the gentler sex, and the Lord Jesus Christ knows our predicament very well.

“What did Jesus tell the woman taken in adultery? ‘Go your way, and sin no more.’ The same love that was extended to her has been extended to us by the same Savior. The forgiveness offered to us in Christ motivates us to pursue sanctification. This means we become set apart from our ugly culture and from what we once were by the Lord’s grace.

“He knows we are not as righteous as He is. He knows we have reason for shame, so He gives us His righteousness so He can accept us as righteous and look at us as completely pure as He is. This is the essence of forgiveness in Christ, which makes us clean in God’s sight. We need to learn to delight in this forgiveness.* It would be insulting to our Savior for us to morbidly sulk about our former impurity. We have been purified by Christ.”

*The endnote cited here simply quotes 1 John 1:9. At no point do the Botkin sisters make any attempt to address the lack of culpability or the trauma of a victim who has had their “purity” compromised “against their will”.

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 223


On the War Against Men:

“Our society revels in dragging men down. If we have brothers, we need to remember that what they really are is men-in-development, who are having a fierce war waged against them. They are under constant assault from the media, re-written history books, psychological studies, political correctness and many other weapons of the Neo-Marxists.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 204

On the Constant Assault on Men:

“Men are under constant assault from the media, revisionist history books. psychological studies, political correctness, and many other weapons of the neo-Marxists. Even entire girls’ clothing lines have sprung up to tout misandrous slogans teaching girls to ridicule boys for being boys.

“By the time we’re big enough to wear ‘Boys are Stupid’ T-shirts, we have had it pounded into our heads that we’re smarter than they are. We learn that men are the culprits for most of society’s wrongs – as the Declaration of Feminism insisted in 1971, ‘All of history must be re-written in terms of oppression of women.’ And it largely has been. We’re encouraged by movies and TV shows to tease them for being boys and having dumb ‘guy’ traits. And we’re taught by psychologists to deride and despise them.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 47

On the Titanic:

“There was a time in American history when the culture was predominantly Christian and even non-Christians understood Christian principles, such as protection and respect of women. In everyday life men showed women honor and deference… It was expected of every man to lay down his life for a woman if the need ever arose. One well-known example of this is the story of the Titanic, in the year 1912… Sacrifice unto death is never an easy sacrifice, but the men of that generation, meaning every male aged 13 and up, were raised to consider it their honor and privilege to die in order to preserve the lives of the women and children.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 28

On Men Needing Our Help:

“One of the greatest tragedies of our generation is the lack of godly men. It’s easy for us, as women, to lament this lack and quickly point out the men’s faults. We should really be asking ourselves just how much the failures of the men around us are a result of our failures as women. When men are weak and childish, refusing to grow up and take responsibility, it’s often because they are afraid we or our society will resent them or shove them down. Being a man is not easy, and the way our generation glorifies feminism and mocks masculinity and fatherhood makes it even harder. Men, created as they were to need helpers, need our help in order to be real men.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 203

On Respecting Men:

“A mistake women often make is to send the message, ‘I’ll give you respect when you earn it!’ – as though that will encourage the poor fellow to get his act together. It doesn’t. Scorn and lack of confidence usually has the opposite effect on a man – he is inspired by a woman’s confidence in him.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“It’s (Not) That Complicated”, page 61

Femininity & Feminism

Screenshot of the Botkin Sisters website (formerly known as Visionary Daughters)

On Homemaking:

“Women were designed by God to be the happiest, most fulfilled, most productive, most appreciated and most honored as homemakers. No other career can come close to the importance of homemaking. Most other careers actually undermine God’s order by cheating women out of their first and best calling and taking civilization in the wrong direction. This is because homemakers are so central to guiding and shopping civil society. When women leave that domain to pretend to be men, it’s not just silly, it’s detrimental to a woman’s life and her culture.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 109

On Women having Careers:

“The idea of women going out into the sphere of public industry to compete with men for jobs in pursuit of ‘their true potential,’ public recognition, prestige, self-fulfillment, and, of course, that paycheck, was pushed by God-hating Marxists who wanted to keep woman out of her natural element, tear apart the family, and destroy Christianity. If we really want to put an end to this, we should recognize that accepting and pursuing this mode of life perpetuates the feminist agenda and extends the curse on our society and economy even further. Christian women should be taking an active stand against this.

“We should not be asking ourselves, ‘How unbiblical is it for a woman to get a career?’ or ‘In what circumstances would it be permissible?’ These questions amount to ‘How close can I get to the fire without being burned?’ or ‘How far away can I get from God’s perfect will without crossing the line into technicalities of sinning?’ Isn’t this kind of ‘testing the limits’ the course of passive rebellion in itself?”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 116

On College Campuses:

“For young women, college campuses have become dangerous places of ongoing anxiety, wasted years, mental defilement and moral derangement.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 132

On College:

“In order to survive by attracting students, colleges falsely represent themselves as the abiding centers of academic freedom and higher education, according to the American tradition. It’s time to admit they are none of these things.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 133

On Friends Who Think They’re Successful College Grads:

“Many young Christian college graduates have asserted that, yes, they have survived the college experience with their faith and morals still strong. A mature young Christian friend of ours has recently graduated from a strongly anti-Christian college which she knew would try to indoctrinate her. She feels like she has won, because she exited with a degree and what she thinks is an intact soul. What she doesn’t know is that the college is laughing at her, because it knows it is the real winner. It doesn’t mind her keeping her personal hobby religion, because now it knows it won’t interfere with a Statist agenda. The university took tens of thousands of her dollars, and in exchange for her generous contribution, it has given her fear. It has intimidated her so that she will always give the ‘right’ answer instead of the Christian answer, regardless of what she really believes. It has proof of her allegiance and her agreement with its religion on paper in her handwriting. It has made her tolerant of and even comfortable with anti-Christianity and has made her terrified of ever being ‘intolerant’ of the anti-Christian worldview. This will render her powerless as a possible troublemaker. And in our friend’s false feeling of triumph, she’s not even aware of these things.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 139

On the Historical Worldview of America:

“In the course of our research, we discovered that a lot of our ‘radical’ and ‘new’ ideas used to be held by practically all Americans. The lifestyle and worldview we present is not merely theoretical. It was lived before, when women were much happier. It is being lived again today by brave young women who are determined to follow the wise course for womanhood, lovingly designed by God Himself, whatever the cost.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 7

On the Stupidity of Feminism:

“The stupidity of feminism is so self-perpetuating and blinding that most women who bought feminism when it was new and fresh in the 1960’s–now depressed, guilt-driving, stressed-out, and heart-broken after years of being used and abandoned by men–are too loyal to wonder if they were cheated out of basic happiness by the feminism they swore by.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 67

On Women Helping Men:

“Complete independence from man would go against the very order of God’s creation. Every woman’s life is built around men and men’s role and leadership in some way. This is true for the parasitical women who live like leeches off men and whose lives revolve around attracting men, and for the die-hard feminists who dedicate their lives to proving that they don’t need men, and for the godly, virtuous women who understand that submitting to God means joyfully submitting to the authority He has placed over them. Women have really only two ways of relating to men: helping them lead poorly, for Satan’s glory, or helping them lead well, for God’s glory.

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 21

On Sarah Palin:

“Christians across the nation are cheering the entrance of Mrs. Palin, forgetting that, according to the biblical qualifications for a civil magistrate, she as a woman is not qualified to hold this office (Ex. 18:21, Pro. 31:23, 1 Tim. 2:12). We believe that Mrs. Palin’s appointment as civil ruler, and indeed the feminist strides that made it possible, are a judgment from God (Isa. 3:12). We’re already suffering from one consequence of this judgment more severely than America realizes.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

On Women in Politics:

“It has rightly been observed that women have already been elected to the highest position they can hold, and that any ‘promotion’ in the civil sphere would be a step backward. Their womanly sphere is where this hurting nation needs them most.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

On Under-Valuing Women:

“Every non-Christian society in the past has misunderstood and undervalued woman’s worth, strength and potential for influence. Every culture which shuns God’s design for woman ends up degrading her, including the feminist invention which degrades man and makes him a primitive exploiter of women. ”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 67

On “Careerism”:

According to Scripture, is chasing a career outside the home a sin?

“Because only God can dictate what sin is, and because sin is a very serious thing, we must be very cautious about what we label as sin. Careerism may not technically be a sin in theological terms, but doing one’s best to get out from under God’s order for families and society may be a sinful action done with sinful motives. It may not be ‘want of conformity to the law of God,’ but it does appear to be want of conformity to His design for civil society.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin
“So Much More”, page 113

Where Are They Now?

Beyond Vision Forum

The Botkin sisters have stated that “So Much More” and their other early writings do not fully reflect their current beliefs, and that they have had their opinions change and grow since then.* Their website is still up (although nothing has been posted recently) and many of their materials (not including “So Much More”) are still available for purchase.

Anna Sofia Botkin is currently working as a realtor and serving in her local county’s Chamber of Commerce.

Elizabeth Botkin married Reese Thompson in 2022. Neither of them have a public social media presence, but Reese is the general manager of Biblical Blueprints, a theonomist organization run by Phillip Kayser. Phillip Kayser’s church is also part of the same denomination James McDonald was formerly connected to.

*Hat tip to the forum user who pointed out that my earlier summarization here was inaccurate & provided the sources for the quotes below.

On Their Earlier Writings:

“…There were some things that we believed and said very authoritatively in our teens that we’ve come to realize that was actually not correct or that was oversimplistic or things like that.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

On “So Much More”:

“Some of you may know us by a book that we wrote 15 years ago called So Much More, where we attempted to really explain what single young womanhood was about.

And in the 15 years since then, we’ve learned and grown, thankfully, and have learned that it was about a lot more things than we thought.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

On Careers:

“I know that Anna and I, when we wrote our first book ‘So Much More’, my concept of economically productive work for women was basically only negative. I feel very ashamed saying that, but all I could picture was this concept of jobs outside the home, or you’re competing with men and you’re serving mammon and you’re serving as the functional help maid of a man who’s not your husband and I could only picture a very unhealthy, unwomanly sort of picture.”

– Elizabeth Botkin

On “So Much More”:

“…We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our parents and to leaders who 20, 30, 40 years ago made some very drastic and radical choices, and to step away from the feminism and the worldliness and the statism that was ravaging our country at the time.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

Screenshot of Anna (Sofia) Botkin as the County Chamber of Commerce President.

Screenshot of Anna (Sofia) Botkin as a realtor. (Contact information has been redacted)

Screenshot of Elizabeth Botkin & Reese Thompson’s wedding website.


On Parental Authority Over Adults:

“…Another principle that we touched on was that parental authority does change as we age and mature. And when we wrote our book at 15 and 17, that’s when we started writing the book, the picture that we painted of parental authority was that it was very, very hands-on, very, very involved because at that point in our lives it was and it needed to be. And praise the Lord that we had parents who were there for us and who took that very hands-on type of parenting. At 35 things are different now in the way that I relate to my dad and the way that he relates to me. And I will say though that the duty to honor does not diminish and as I get older I even become more aware of how important my attitude towards my parents is, even in relation to my attitude towards the Lord, and how often it will be kind of a litmus test of how I’m doing.”

– Anna Sofia Botkin & Elizabeth Botkin

Screenshot of a 2021(?) bio for Elizabeth Botkin


Screenshot of a 2021(?) bio for Anna Botkin


Note: I am unable to find any additional information or mention of the Botkin’s apparent discovery of a “complete triceratops”. Whether this is a T-Rex Arms related joke, a new spin on Doug Phillips’ Allosaur story, or something else entirely is something I’m unable to unearth.

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